Agitated Nutsche Filters & Driers

Agitated Nutsche Filter & Dryer (ANFD) technology is particularly suited to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry for solids washing separation & Drying, in the most challenging process conditions. Agitated filters and dryers, combined filter-dryers are designed to remove the residual liquid phase from the cake by performing the filtering and drying operations in the same vessel.
Agitator filters are suitable for filtration of liquids with a high solid content. The liquid is separated mechanically using a permeable layer/ filter medium under vacuum or pressure. A special height-adjustable agitator design improvises the degree of filtration effectiveness and enables the mechanical discharge of the solid. An even filter cake forms on the horizontal base of the filter, which ensures the best possible recovery of the solid.

All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts / vapour parts in 304/ 316 / 316L built to custom requirement.

All Process contact surfaces finished with corrosion-resistant fluro-polymer coatings such as Teflon, Halar, etc.

Salient Features

  • Multiple Processes like Solid Liquid Separation, Agitating / Washing, Resuspending / Mixing Extraction, Crystallizing, Drying can be performed within a closed system
  • Ideal equipment /system for hazardous / toxic material
  • Various multiple processes as above can be carried in single equipment an added advantage
  • Removable filter bottom with conventional clamps or bayonet locking system.
  • Heated/unheated agitator, agitator with two or three arms, with simultaneous axial and radial agitator movements for efficient mixing and agitating as well as for the smoothing of the cake.
  • Large heating area resulting in an outstanding heat transfer rate by heating the vessel walls, the vessel bottom as well as the agitator blades.
  • Multiple washing of filter cake feasible with different solvents/ washing fluids possible with Lesser liquid consumption
  • All Dryer Internals, product process area is in 316 / 316L, stainless steel construction, Mirror polish.
  • Sturdy welded external shell reinforcement ensures maximum operating protection and Dependability under full vacuum operation
  • Heated Limpet Coiled/ Jacket in combination with vacuum atmosphere ensures complete Vaporization of moisture and drying of product.
  • Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles provided.
  • Vapor condensation unit along with a receiver for solvent recovery.
  • We manufacture capacity ranging from 500Ltrs to 10000Ltrs capacity.
  • We Manufacture in CGmp & non Gmp models.
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