We are providing 3 Types of Blenders.

1) Octagonal Blender

2) Double Cone blender

3) Ribbon Blender.


Octagonal blender is a slow tumbling machine especially designed to perform mixing and lubrication of dry powders and granules for tablets and capsules formulations.

The advantage of this octagonal shape blender is slow tumbling action, which while rotating does not degrade the particle structure.

Double cone blender :

The Double cone blender is used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. Mixing is a common process step in the manufacture of products for industries such as healthcare, food, chemical, cosmetics, detergents, fertilizers and plastics

Ribbon blender :

An industrial-strength machine, a Ribbon blender is used to mix large amounts of material in many different industries. The blender gets its name from the thin, ribbon-shaped metal mixers that perform the blending. … The ribbons are angled and balanced in such a way to continually move material within the container.


  • Octagonal shaped with rectangular center, conical discharge frustum and rectangular top frustum.


  • Baffles provided in the shell.


  • Manhole with gasket is provided to fix baffles and for ease of cleaning the shell.


  • Charging and discharging is through a butterfly valve. A conical adaptor can be provided for fixing charging drum after butterfly valve.


  • Unit can be provided with bin charging arrangement.


  • All moving parts are enclosed in guards.


  • A safety railing with a limit switch is provided for operator safety Manual Inching arrangement can be provided.


  • Flame – proof motors with flame – proof push button stations can be provided.



  • Capacity 50,100,150,250,500,1000,1500,2000,2500,3500,. Upto 5000 liters


  • Models GMP, NON GMP.





  • Mixing dry powder for tablets and capsules formulations.
  • Mixing dry granules sub lots to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet granules.


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