Cable trays


In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. They are especially useful in situations where changes to a wiring system are anticipated, since new cables can be installed by laying them in the tray, instead of pulling them through a pipe.


  • Innovative design for higher strength than a similar sized conventional perforated cable tray.
  • 40% higher strength achieved for same thickness of perforated cable tray.
  • With our innovative design lesser thickness perforated cable tray can be used resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Designed to support cabling in 3.0 m spans or less.
  • Moderate ventilation with added cable support advantage
  • Quick & hassle free installation
  • Support large quantity of network cables
  • Available in several widths, heights And lengths
  • Low maintenance
  • Saves space
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Corrosion Resistant And Highly durable
  • Smooth-finish.
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