Chemical storage tanks

Quality industries are along with the Manufacturing of Chemical storage Tanks, Tanks manufacturers, Suppliers. Chemical tanks are of course storage tanks that are used for the containment of liquid chemicals.

Some of the types of chemicals tanks are used in Pharmaceuticals, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, disinfectants, animal and bird repellents, dyes, wood preservers, cleaning products, glues, solvents.


  • Chemical tank will of necessity be made of a material as resistant to the chemical stored as design and economics allow.
  • The design will further integrate the mechanical parameters (pressure and temperature, erosive and corrosive potentials) of the application, within the designated life of the vessel.
  • Chemical Compatibility, your Chemical provider has chemical resistance information you might need. The chemical provider will detail exactly what tank material, gasket and plumbing materials are suitable for your chemical.
  • Chemical tanks/containers will be impacted by external considerations, heat, cold, vacuum, pressure and the potential aggressive nature (acidic – caustic) These external effects may impact the tank/vessels ability to hold and maintain the viability of both the chemical and the container
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