Jacketed Reactors


We have made the agitated reaction vessel as a standard apparatus in the chemical industry and its basic work is for mixing processes and for chemical reactions in the liquid phase. The vessel can be easily operated in batch mode with temperature going up to 70°C To 500°C Depending on the requests of the process the agitated vessel consists of unalloyed or alloyed steel. Jacketed Reaction Vessel consists of a cylindrical vertical shell with standard Tori spherical/ Ellipsoidal dish on both ends. A Jacket is provided on the Outside of the shell for Heating & Cooling Stiffener Rings are provided on shell in between the shell and jacket to give uniform circulation of the heating or cooling media and to intensify the vessel.

Agitator assembly mounted on the Top dish of Jacketed Reaction Vessel consists of Shaft supported by Lantern Assembly on the Top End containing Bearing Housing with Tapered roller bearing to withstand impact load and vibratory load ensuring smooth rotation of the Shaft. Shaft Can fitted with different types Of Agitator Such as Single Anchor, Double Anchor, Turbine & Propeller types. Baffles are also provided inside the shell as per the requirement.

We manufacture Jacketed reactors with capacity ranging from 50Ltrs to 50000Ltrs.

Application industries

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Oil Refineries

Food Processing unit.

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