Heavy duty rack or Palletized racking system are overlapped and connected by multi-layer trolleys between the front and rear beams. The goods are placed on the trolleys at the front of the racks, and the forklifts will push the original goods inward when storing the goods later. The trolley crosses the inclined track through the bearing. When the outer cargo is taken away, the inner trolley will automatically slide to the outer side. Push-back pallet racking system ensures high-speed storage while ensuring high-density storage, so it can effectively use space. The system is safe and densely stored, and can store 2, 3, and 4 tray depths.

After picking up the first pallet at the time of picking up, under the action of gravity, the next pallet slides to the pickup surface by itself, effectively using a single channel for access, especially suitable for storage management in the cargo transit area.



  • Rack can be customized based on customer’s requirements or pallet ’ size;
  • The most commonly used, of all storage systems for palletized goods;
  • Can be designed into two layers or multi-layers according to actual situation;
  • Suitable for storing components and widely used in the manufacturing industry and cold room, Pharmaceutical industries, Food industries & Automobile industries.
  • Powder coated or galvanized and color optional;
  • Can be designed according to clients’ requirements;



  • Drive In Rack color and size can be extended and adjusted according to you requirement
  • High quality and good appearance
  • This type of rack has good loading ability and can be assembled and disesteemed easily
  • Apply to handle the pallet goods by forklift
  • The reliable and efficient service before and after deal


Slotted Angle Shelving is used in a wide variety of applications including shelving, benches, trolley sand light construction work. Combining steel shelves with slotted angle uprights provides one of the most versatile and economical shelving systems available. With a wide range of heights, depths and lengths, slotted angle is a quick and easy storage solution for stores, workshops, warehouses and wherever a cost effective and easily  assembled shelving unit makes a difference.


1 The shelf fastening structure, easy dis-assembly; with contact with the ground at the foot         plastic.
2. Shelf column: the equilateral angle made bilateral punching, hole distance of 50mm distance along the alignment, post hole used to mount shelves purposes.
3. Shelf steel plate: a cold rolled steel plate adopted four sides bending forming the desired size. Laminates can be steel laminates or wood laminates.
4. Column and steel plate connected to the fixed component of the shelf by the speed buckle pin and triangular fixing piece.
5. After the shelves all the parts working well polished molding, pickling, phosphate, automatic powder coating, drying, etc. Process assembly of finished products. Produce shelves finished surface clean and beautiful; laminates can be adjusted up and down, easy dis-assembly.

The Advantage:

  • Adopting insert-drop method for connecting upright and beam assembly.
  • All-purpose slot angle steel upright
  • Cut-in composite usually with steel panel
  • Simple and quick assembled and dismantled

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