Quality Industries has started a separate factory outlet for the production of Cement /Flyash /Microsilica Silo with silo capacity ranges from 20MT to 500MT. The use of Silos mainly lies in storing and discharging construction materials such as Cement, Flyash, GGBS, Lime, etc. Some Silos can hold comparatively lower measurements and therefore, can be taken from place to place for their capacity to move.

Only after all this procedure can a silo be packed for transportation to the destined construction site. Cement silos have huge leg-stands to hold the weight of the heavy loads. Ladders and upper parapets are used to reach the topmost sections.

A silo has a valve in the discharging section that can be either controlled manually or automatically giving the process a well determined flexibility.

It is used in storing bulk syrup storage tanks & which is used in food industry.

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